Terms of Service/Sales,

On Sales :
Prices include delivery and set up. Allow 8 work days from time of order for delivery or pick-up, excluding unexpected shipping delays or preexisting hardware defect needing to be corrected before delivery.

PC Paramedic agrees to provide support and service of purchased system(s), by phone and on-site if necessary, for an additional 3 months after delivery of system at no additional costs.

These terms are concurrent to any manufacturer’s new equipment warranty that may be in effect (6 months or better; additionally PC Paramedic reserves the right to provide a system of equal or superior specifications for the same cost to customer). Additional warranty coverage is available for 3 years via Penn Warranty Company, at a 20% surcharge of base cost. However, if on-site service is requested and it is determined that there is no hardware problem needing service (e.g., user configurable settings, or routine user operating procedures), then normal service fees will apply;
Returns, if any, shall made within 20 days, and a 20% restocking and handling fee shall be charged, unless product(s) is defective. If the product is returned due to manufacturing defect or hardware problem, product will be replaced with equivalent or better model within 10 work days of return at no cost.

On Repairs of Existing Equipment or Software :
PC Paramedic guarantees repairs made, and agrees to provide support and service of subject repairs/installations, by phone and on-site if necessary, for an additional 2 months after repair is effected at no additional costs. This guarantee only applies to problems fixed/worked on by PC Paramedic; auxiliary problems not addressed or slated for repair by customer (and consequently not worked on by PC Paramedic), cannot be subject to a warranty. A pre-work confirmed written record of the items requested for repair is strongly suggested.

However, if warranty on-site service is requested and it is determined that there is no hardware or software application problem needing service (e.g., user configurable settings, routine user operating procedures, unfamiliarity with software or computer usage), then normal service fees will apply and be charged;
Preexisting defect(s) noted by PC Paramedic to customer that customer elects not to rectify at time of inspection/repair, is/are not covered under this warranty, unless said defect is subsequently corrected by PC Paramedic’s to its satisfaction. Please note it is customer's responsibility to report any warranty issues to PC Paramedic within 3 days of said problem being noticed by customer. Delayed requests for warranty service, may entail consequent repairs that are only due to this delay and may be the customer's sole responsibility.

Diagnosis' are also guaranteed; if PC Paramedic formally proffers a diagnosis of the condition of a system or circumstance (which customer should request in writing), and customer can subsequently prove that said diagnosis was substantially incorrect, then any charges made pursuant to that diagnosis are refundable.

Miscellaneous :
Customer equipment left in our repair shop for more than 30 days after repair or assessment will be considered abandoned, and disposable at PC Paramedic's discretion.

Customer checks that are returned unpaid to PC Paramedic by their bank for any reason, carry an additional $40 payment re-processing fee, charged to customer by PC Paramedic.

Customer accounts that carry an outstanding balance lasting more than 60 days, will be considered in default of owed funds, and will be pursued for reparations via civil action.

Customer should make a good faith effort to resolve any disputes or needs with PC Paramedic, informally; we are always more than willing to listen and will do our best to effectively respond to any reasonable requests, our most earnest accomplishment is the customer's legitimate good will and conclusive satisfaction.

These performance guarantees and duty from PC Paramedic only apply contractually if the customer's account and balance thereof is in good standing.

If PC Paramedic is unable to abide by these terms, a refund in full shall be made.(These terms are in effect as of Jan. 1, 2006)

On Repairs of Existing Equipment or Software :
If we cannot fix your computer, we will not charge you anything. This guarantee is subject to the following limitations :

1. If the reason we do not fix your computer is because you have instructed us not to continue or complete a repair, for whatever reason, then a charge will be applied for the inspection & diagnosis. Our guarantee is applicable only to those repairs that you have actually requested be performed.

2. If we assert to you, a priori, that a given inspection will entail significant work and may not result in a repair, and you elect to proceed with that particular inspection anyway, resulting in a non-repair, then the guarantee is waived by you, and said inspection time is billable.

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