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The PC Paramedic has been servicing computers in the Hudson Valley area since 1998, providing reliable and cost conscious repairs of Microsoft/IBM compatible Personal Computers and Apple/Macintosh OS X computers to area businesses and home based computer customers.

We provide in shop (bring in), or on site (house call) service to repair your computer.

Our main focus is a satisfied client, and our goal is to get your computer up and running smoothly, and back to the condition it was in when it was working correctly.

Additionally if you are having challenges just using your computer such as difficulties with the Internet, installing applications, emailing, webcam and video chats, uploading photos, networking or other computer needs, we can provide tutoring on how to use your computer, work out the kinks, and obtain a clear explanation of what is happening.

Our services are personable and professional, and we treat you like a valued customer.

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Dont' let this happen to you!

Although there are other places to go for your computer problems, these are often full of frustration and of limited success; we have heard many stories from customers who have attempted to get their computers fixed from other sources, for example:

  • A relative or friend who thinks he knows more than he does, making the computer even more unusable and losing important data, documents and pictures.
  • The big-box electronics and office supply stores where you are treated like processed cattle, where the technicians are barely qualified, missing subtle problems and often erasing everything on your computer as their main method of repair, and invariably recommending that you trash your old computer and buy their newer models in stock.
  • Technical help lines located in overseas call centers where you can’t understand the technician due his accent or temperament, spending many hours on the phone with no results.
  • The customer attempts the repair themselves and making their computer even worse than before.
  • Internet based remote repair companies that cannot access the hardware of your system, unable to detect or repair root-kit viruses, provide off-line (DOS level) analysis or provide continuity of the repair between reboots.

The PC Paramedic will let you side-step all those hassles, provide guaranteed service, and follow-up warranty. We treat you like a person and actually care.
Please call or email to ask questions, make an appointment, or just to say hello!

Call : 845-679-4770

We Make House Calls
Phone: (845) 679-4770 , Email:
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